Friday, November 6, 2009

paper airplanes

One day they were bored.
Oh who am I kidding they are bored everyday. Problem is the two friends that Bear has that live within walking distance, next door and across the street, both go to school now. So when Bear asks to go play with them I have to tell him that they aren't home. Eventually they do come home, however by the time they get home its that time of day where I am trying to start dinner and Daddy is going to be home soon. Hence, its not a good time to be trying to go play with friends. The other problem is I am very, VERY, shy. I am not the person who will call up someone and set up a play date. I am the person wishing for the day's when it was okay to let the four year old child walk down the street at seven AM to the friends house to play who knows where for the whole day. That is what I did. I'm serious. I'd wake-up get my clothes on and run out the back door to Soffia's house. We'd go jump on the neighbors tramp, or go exploring up in the foothills behind our neighborhood. We'd build mud pies, play pretend, etc... Now- a- day's that is not acceptable there are just too many freaks and weirdos out there. So here I am, shy as I am, and I can't seem to find it in myself to set up a play date. But even if I did the problem is entertaining during the play date. I have lots of work to do. I want the kids to be able to entertain themselves. I did, why can't they? Oh yeah, they are stuck in my boring house with a tiny boring yard.

So back to the kids being bored.
Bear begged me to make him and Lyon paper airplanes. I did. They were no longer bored. At least for a minute. :D

any minute they'll start throwing those airplanes

There goes Lyon's plane

Bear's plane, going straight up

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