Monday, November 16, 2009


You may (or may not is more likely) have noticed that there has not been an area for comments the last few days.  I made it like that on purpose.   My blog usually has no comments.  I am very often surprised when someone tells me that they read my blog though, because of the lack of comments.  So I turned off the comments because I am always a little embarrassed that there aren't any.  I must admit that I like getting comments, I frequent many other blogs and notice that these other blogs often have many, MANY comments only to return to mine where there is a zero where a higher number would have looked better.
Phil noticed that I turned off the comments right away and vehemently (as if Phil could be vehement about anything ;) asked me to turn them back on.  So I will oblige. 
Comments back on.
I hope my readers will please ignore all of the awful looking zeros  ;D



Richard Graves said...

Thanks for turning your comments on

The Mecham Family said...

Thank you!!! Seriously I tried to write comments TWICE and couldn't figure out why there was no where to do it!

The Mecham Family said...

Oh, and I know the feeling about no comments, usually mine only has one or two, IF any! :)

Shannon and Doug said...

Ahhh! You know I noticed! I have wanted to comment a number of times and almost sent you a message on facebook or on your other blog. I know how you feel though. Mine rarley gets comments either. I think a lot of people that look at my blog don't know me super well and would feel weird commenting or something. hahaha I don't know. But you know I love reading your blogs.