Monday, November 16, 2009

We just don't know where he comes up with this stuff... Posted by Phil

Bear got all dressed up and came and told us that he had something to do at the church, but it would only be for 6 minutes.
A few minutes later he came to us and said,"dang, I'm late."
So I told him he had to have shoes on to be able to go anywhere.  He got ready and said he need me to drive him to the church.
We got in the car and drove over to the church at 9:30am on a Saturday.
There were a few cars in the parking lot so I made sure to go to the side without anyone else.  Bear got out of the car with his latest toy he made for himself, and went to open the door, smartly he pressed the Disabled Person button and it opened the inside door but all the other doors were of course locked.  He went up to each door and pulled and tried to open the door without success.  He then came back and said we'll have to come later.
As we drove off, he said, "Wait, I think I telled you the wrong one, you need to go right and straight and left and I'll tell you where it's at."  So we drove on for a few more minutes.  His directions drove us around randomly for a few blocks and after a little uninstructed direction ;) I was able to get us to the next church.  We had the same result as the previous church.  We repeated the process one more time and tried one last church ... once again no open doors.  Then we got back home, after we exited the car he informed me that I didn't listen to him very well and we didn't go to the right place.  I told him we'd have to try again tomorrow, Sunday, because his meeting was probably postponed until then.
So at church the next day, he got to go to his meeting, (his primary class) where he passed out to each boy and girl a drawing he had made previously.



Richard Graves said...

bear is so precious with his comments

Shannon and Doug said...

hahaha! I can't believe you actually drove him around! That is what makes you such a neat mom! I would have ignored my poor kids if they said that to me.