Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cornbelly's 2009

This year we decided to go to corn belly's corn maze and other Halloween/fall activities up at Thanksgiving Point. We don't normally go to corn belly's, too expensive, but this year Auntie Stephi was working there and got us some tickets. Thanks Auntie Stephi! :D

Here Phil, Sissy, and I are going into the haunted alley
How goofy do we look, I love the look on Sissy's face though :D

Auntie Steph and Lyon

Ben and Bear waiting to go in the creatures mouth
It was pretty dark inside and Steph said it was pitch black at night
You went in like you were walking down the throat of this creature
there are scary weird sounds and then in the middle there is a heartbeat
Anyway it was weird and Lyon was terrified
I took him out at the first exit I found

There was a traktor pulling these carts behind it
we went for a ride
Bear and Lyon loved it

Grandma and Grandpa G, riding on a cart

Me (Rose) Phil and Sissy
I just love Sissy's facial expressions :D

There were all these child size buildings
I tried so hard to get a pick of both the boys holding the bars
but couldn't get them to cooperate
I suppose that is fine ;)

Bear and Lyon wanted to ride on these self propelled cars
They had a hard time pedaling so we gave them a hand
That is Grandpa G and Bear

Lyon, he is wondering why I am not pushing him
"uh! come on Mom!"

Group picture from right to left, back row first
Phil and Sissy, Me, Auntie Steph, Grandma G
Lyon, Uncle Ben, Bear

The giant rocking chair
Poor Sissy fell asleep
It was so cute seeing her little head sticking out of Phil's jacket
He had her in our baby carrier, and he wrapped his jacket around her to help keep
her warm.

We did have fun, even though it was freezing cold
if we ever go again we will go sooner in the year
so maybe it won't be quite that cold

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Shannon and Doug said...

That place looks like a lot of fun! Fenix is SO stinkin cute! I love stuff like that