Monday, November 23, 2009

Stephanie tells the story....

so here's the story. bear and i were watching 101 dalmations and he stood up on the couch and jumped up, like he wanted me to catch him in my arms. however, i didnt know he was going to jump on me until after he was coming down and by the time i realized it i looked up and his chin or forehead or head or something hard hit the right side of my nose and there was this very loud crack. immediately i thought i had a bloody nose because thats what it felt like, but there was no blood. i just sat there in pain and bear was like "sorry stephanie, sorry" over and over again. i said nothing to him because my nose hurt way too much and i didnt want to start bawling. i sat there for probably 15-20 minutes after it had happened before i left. i was refraining from crying because what was i supposed to say? "hey um bear just broke my nose so im leaving now..." haha. as soon as i got home and told dad and ben what happened i started bawling.
anyways, i went to the doctor yesterday and it is not broken and it should heal just fine, with some bruising. dont worry i am not mad at all. it was a total accident. i was just in a lot of pain and probably some shock about what had just happened.
there are no hard feelings :) i know bear wouldn't have hurt me on purpose. i still love all of you guys!

You still should have told us.  :(  I would have made you let one of us drive you home.  Hello!  I am the girl who has to stand in the window and make SURE you make it into your car ok and then start up and drive off without problems.  And there you were poor Steph in so much pain and I had no idea.  :(  Oh well, lets hope it never happens again ;D


The Mecham Family said...

Poor Steph! Rose...What are you feeding that boy! haha said...

apparently he has been pilfering treats from the pantry, instead of eating his dinner!