Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saturday's Warriors

I've probably seen Saturday's Warriors a thousand times.  But this last Sunday I watched it from a new perspective.  Instead of seeing it and thinking of myself as the kid I put myself in the position of the parents.
It was like watching an entirely different movie.
Being the parent of the child gone astray
Being the parent of the child who is sick and dying
Being pregnant with one child while dealing with the bad attitude of a teenager.
Watching the children struggle with different challenges they face.

How as a parent can we support our children through such trying times?
How do we teach our children to have strong testimonies?
How do we help them to keep the spirit close to them?
How do we keep them from straying from strong values?

This is where those primary answers come in handy.
Read the scriptures and Pray
Let me add, hold Family Home Evening weekly

Its a scary world and its even scarier that we can't protect our children from it all.

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The Mecham Family said...

You are so right! I haven't seen Saturday's Warrior in a long time...maybe it's time to revisit, I still sing the songs in my head and out loud in the car all the time! "We are not the ordinary, fearlessly extraordinary..."