Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pourin my poor little heart out...

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Do you ever say something and have it taken the wrong way.
This has happened to me too many times.
Usually when texting, or when leaving a comment on a blog/status/tweet.

Its getting frustrating.

I say; blah blah blah Lol ;D
they say; uh, the nerve!
I say: huh?
They say: you jerk
I explain......

Do you get the picture?

The problem is too often I attempt to be short and concise when leaving a message.
I often have a good amount to say, but not wanting to carry on for a half hour I try to narrow that half hour down to a line or maybe two.
This leads to misunderstandings.
Too often the person on the receiving side of my quips is offended because I was so rude and unfeeling with my, lol's and winking smily's ;D
They mistake my lighthearted kind banter and knowing winks as mocking, harsh, raucous, and I know what you are really not saying, unbelieving winks.
And when I am misunderstood in that way, I want to shout out,
"whoa nelly!"
Calm down!
I'm teasing, I understand too well, or I just wanted you to know its okay to smile about the hard stuff sometimes.

Moral of this story: If you should receive an offensive quip from me, remember that you got it from ME and I would NEVER try to leave a mean message, EVER!


Jenny said...

been there before...when texting sometimes it is hard to get a message across...and someone takes it the wrong way...

Kellie said...

i hate when that happens!

Shell said...

So frustrating! I feel like I often have to go back and explain what I really meant, that I wasn't trying to be mean.

Thanks for linking up!

Kristina P. said...

Oh, never! ;)

Man, I have shoved my foot so far down my throat at times, I thought I was going to need a gallon of Listerine to get the taste out.

shannon said...

;) Lol

The Mecham Family said...

You're safe here...I've never been offended. :)

Laurel said...

That's why I really do prefer communicating in person. In a pinch, even the telephone works. But text communication has almost no nuances--I find myself overexplaining or trying to clarify my statements using words when, in person, I could just shrug, grin, or roll my eyes!