Friday, April 23, 2010

Why not learn self defense?

I just finished reading Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult, basically about a battered wife. Anyway it got me to thinking. How do you think a "beating his wife kind of husband" would feel if his wife could fight. I am not talking like how the character, Jennifer Lopez, does in the movie "Enough" where she actually plans to fight back and kill her husband.

I am talking like Charlies Angels,

Or Jane smith, in Mr and Mrs smith kind of fight.

But without the gun ;)

You know ninja style blocking, kicking, and hy yah! (sp?)

Let me paint a word picture of what might go down.

Husband gets mad and goes to back hand his wife while she is preparing dinner.
Wife grabs husbands fist mid swing and flips him over onto his back.
She lets him go and continues preping the meal.
Husband gets back up and goes to grab wife and teach her a lesson.
Wife smoothly dodges as husband smacks his stomach into the corner of the countertop, knocking the wind out of him.
Husband rests for a minute and then turns to wife again to try to punch her.
Again she catches his hand mid punch jumps up over his shoulders smoothley bringing his arm with her letting go just before it can break.
Wife looks at husband gasping in pain and says
I could go all day long, do you really want to mess with me?

Ha ha ha ha!

I'm just sayin.....

PS-I'm not a battered wife, this was simply the thoughts that came to mind after reading about a woman who was being beaten by the man she loves. She stays with him and keeps taking it because she loves him so much, and I just thought, suppose she could fight back...
Also, in no way do I approve of, or condone violent behavior.


Kelly said...

I understand your point -- and I think it'd be fabulous of every person without power had the skills and training to protect themselves (men, women, and children alike).

I like your scenario!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

I read this book by Jodi Picoult several years ago, I had forgotten how moving it was!

Love your play by play description. No, I definitely do NOT want to mess with you! LOL!

Great post! Have a good weekend!

C.J. said...

I think the problem isn't so much ability, but will. Many women (and I speak from experience here, although not current) are conditioned, by environment or experience, to believe that it's their fault--that, in a very real way, they deserve what's happening to them. To fight back, you have to first believe that you deserve to--that you don't, in fact, deserve to be hit, or told you're ugly and fat. Abusers exploit insecurities; they use their position of trust in your life to gain information about your past (about things large and small) and then turn those things against you. The hardest thing isn't learning to fight like one of Charlie's Angels, but to learn that you have the right to fight, at all.