Tuesday, April 13, 2010

aerating your lawn

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I always swore I would never aerate my lawn when I had one. I've always hated the stupid dirt clods scattered across the grass that kids seem to think of as an invitation to chuck at other people. I remember to well playing outside at recess when the fields had just been aerated, what a nightmare! I'll tell you the dirt clods hurt a whole lot more than snowballs

Anyway, I always swore that I would never have those darned dirt clods, that closely resemble chunks of pooh, on my lawn. That was until I had a lawn of my own. I wanted and want my lawn to be well taken care of, green, and weed free. So I've done a lot of research, and studying, and I've read a lot of books on the subject of caring for a lawn. Through that study I have realized the importance of aerating a lawn. So as much as I hate to have those dirt clods on my lawn, I've gone ahead and gotten my lawn aerated.


Luckily the dirt clods actually don't last all that long, or I just haven't noticed them much because its snowed like four or five times since the aerating was done. Whatever the case I haven't had any thrown at me, and I'm grateful.....

1 comment:

Dede said...

lol, yep those little chunks of poo...we just had our lawn aerated, and I'm enjoying those!