Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's with the "And ________ says".....

When my husband (Superman) asked me to marry him,
(best proposal story ever, by the way, someday I'll post it)

He said to me,
"And Rose says?"
He was trying to bring me from my shocked state and get me to answer him.

It was very sweet and I loved the line.
He actually said this to me often when we were dating.

When I was trying to think up a title for the posts, that were quotes, I thought,
What better way of describing it than those three perfect words Superman spoke to me on that fateful day.
So that's where the line title comes from.
In case you were wondering. ;D


Sarah said...

That's really sweet...and so cute! Thanks for sharing :)

Julie said...

Ah, what a great memory!! Love what you wrote about your husband. You are blessed, indeed!

blueviolet said...

That's kinda cute that you were stunned into silence!

shannon said...

Love it

Dan/Kealy said...

that's awesome! i always like how you post quotes using that title, i just didn't know there was a story behind it :) and i would love to hear the proposal story sometime.