Friday, April 16, 2010

"Pink" is NOT my favorite color

For the last few day's conjunctivitis has been making its rounds through my children. First Bear had it. He woke up confused that he couldn't open his eye. I made the diagnosis. He refused to let me put any drops in his eyes, so he suffered through it for a few days and now its gone. Next to get it was Lyon. He woke up unable to open his eyes, just as Bear finally could. I didn't try to put drops in Lyon's eyes because after trying to put them in Bear's I noticed that they were expired so I threw them away. Lyon suffered through it for a few days and now its gone. Fenix was next on the conjunctivitis list, hers being the worst. Poor baby :( Fortunately I am breastfeeding her and breast milk just so happens to be a natural remedy for conjunctivitis. Having it worse than her brothers she is getting past it just fine. Through this whole very contagious conjunctivitis, I have been VERY careful so as not to get it myself. I've been washing my hands thousands of times a day, I've avoided touching my eyes, or letting my kids touch my face. And yet regardless of my attempts to keep it away from me, I woke up this morning with that gritty feeling in my eye. I've got conjunctivitis! =( My kids have survived it just fine, going about their business of learning and playing as normal. My problem is that I have poor eyesight and wear contacts to aid my vision. I have glasses, but they are currently broken. So with the conjunctivitis taking over my eyes there is no way I am going to attempt to put contacts in, OUCH! So I am walking around unfocused. Its not fun. I am not happy about it, and if it doesn't go away by tomorrow, I will miss out on some really fun activities that I planned to go to. I can't really drive around without vision, not to mention the fact that conjunctivitis is very contagious, so how can I risk exposing other people? Also, like I want people to see my eyes in this ugly condition.
Maybe if I sit down and have a really good cry about it my tears will help wash the inflammation away.
I must say though, that the circumstances are pretty funny, what are the chances that my glasses would be broken at the same time that I really really need them, lol! I've worn glasses for fifteen years and have only once had them break to the point that I couldn't wear them.
So I'll laugh because its just too coincidentally funny. Plus it makes this easier to deal with. ;D

PS-the Branded giveaway ends today at noon, when I will announce the winner.


The Mecham Family said...

Rose! You poor thing! I hope it goes away soon! There is NOTHING worse than walking around with blurry vision!

Amber said...

Oh, how horrible!! I am sorry to hear about the sickness traveling around your home!