Monday, April 26, 2010

*A letter to my 12 year old self *

(Rose Graves age 12)

Rose, Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is life.
Life is hard, it only gets harder as you walk through it. What was once a wide straight barren path, will begin to climb into a slope and grow narrow, and rocky. At times you will walk along treacherous drops, scale sheer cliff faces, and face the elements which will make it harder. You will have no choice but to face these challenges, and in doing so you will become stronger, smarter, confident, and filled with joy. For as you walk this most difficult and dangerous path you will be surrounded by inconceivable beauty, utmost exhilaration, and overwhelming happiness. However, in order to see these wonders you must look up from your task, take time to rest and regain your strength. In stopping and looking around you will find what makes life worth living, you will regain your spent strength,
you will find the will to continue onward and upward.
Life is worth living, life can be filled with joy, you just have to work hard and then find time to rest and enjoy it, to look at the beauty that surrounds you.
Only then can you fully appreciate it. Only then will you want to live it!
Good luck, be strong
I'll be rooting for you

(Rose Graves age 26, and family)

I am participating in this, In my daughters eyes, project.
Find out more about it here.


Shell said...

What a fantastic letter!

Arizona Mamma said...

Beautiful. I have yet to do my letter. I love yours, and I LOVE the family picture at the end. So cute. And such a pretty background!

Shmonae said...

THANK YOU! I am so excited as I see the all of the letters coming in. All are unique and perfect in every way because of this!! I appreciate it and also the traffic you will help drive to the project.

blueviolet said...

I really just love your letter! I would love to do something like that!

Dan/Kealy said...

Cute pictures-both of you at 12 and your family now! Great letter too :)