Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Time is of the essence"

It seems that time is always of the essence.
Action should not be delayed, tasks should be finished when they are supposed to be finished.
One should not be late.

I'm always late.
I'm late to wake up in the morning,
I'm almost late getting Bear to school in the morning.
I'm often late picking him up from school, 
and of course I am late to church nearly every Sunday.

I am not actually trying to be late, 
but it'd be easy to think that.

The problem is the surprises.
Like on Sunday when I am surprised to find that my 
"church bag" is not all ready to go.
In the morning when Lyon comes running into my room screaming in terror,
And then jumps into my bed shaking more than a frozen leaf on a windy day.

This was this morning, he came in so terrified, and so upset I almost believed he really saw a ghost.
I asked him about the ghost, 
"What was it doing?"
"He walked through the wall!"  
He manages to answer through his tears. 
"What did he look like?"
"Like my swimming practice."
"Yeah, but he was this many (holds up ten fingers) colors."
I didn't know what to say to that as I stifled my laughter.

And then the conversation was over because, 

And then of course,
when it's time to go and pick up Bear from school there is usually some disaster to tend to 
just as I am walking out the door.
Some one needs to go to the bathroom,
someone needs different shoes,
someone doesn't want to go.

And the result is usually tardiness,
rushing rushing to avoid being tardy.

And all these surprises, and all the rushing that accompany them,
well it's just plain exhausting.

So give me a break would ya,
the next time I keep you waiting,
because I can probably guarantee I have a good excuse ;D

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