Monday, March 14, 2011

BYU, You Tube, and an ipad 2

On Saturday night we tuned in to watch BYU play SDSU for the third time.
We were excited and hoped for a really good game.
Bear was really into it.
He'd been wearing his basketball clothes all day.
(Though his jersey was a Jazz jersey and not a BYU jersey.)

We have a miniature basketball hoop that he was shooting hoops at while he waited for the game to start and then continued to do so during the commercials.

As excited as he was, 
he was frustrated with BYU from the very beginning.
Because they didn't score the first points,
and because they just couldn't seem to ever catch up.

He started crying with disappointment almost immediately.

I happened to have Supermans ipad 2 and remembering that it has the capability to video,
I took the opportunity to do so.
I probably recorded ten minutes or so in total.
The You Tube video only shows two and a half minutes of that.

Not only did I record with the ipad 2, I also edited using imovie.
I can work with it really well on my computer, but am not yet used to navigating it on the ipad 2.
So I did the best I could.
Which was only okay.
Had I edited on my computer I would have cut my own comments out of the video, lol!

So after I posted the video to You Tube
Superman insisted it was news worthy.
He sent the link to several news stations and people.

In one day we have had over a thousand views of the You Tube video,
that number has now grown to almost 2 thousand!

Alright it's not a million, but still.
2 thousand is a lot!

Although I think the video is soooo funny, I hesitate to tell Bear that he was on the news.
I don't want him to be embarrassed.

Just the same when we watch their next game I am sure BYU will win and I will be sure to get video of Bear excited and cheering instead of crying, lol!

And I'll record it with the ipad 2,
because he doesn't realize that I am recording him.
Lol, on Saturday he thought I was just playing around on it.
That is why he looks at it and asks to play angry birds.

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The Mecham Family said...

The video was SOOO funny!