Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kids hygiene

Well I can't say that I haven't taught my kids about hygiene.

I have taught my kids about good oral hygiene.
I have taught my kids the importance of using soap when they bathe.
I have taught my kids about wearing clean clothes.
I have taught my kids to wash their hands frequently.

So when I tell you this story you must keep in mind that it's really my own fault.

It's 3:30 in the afternoon.
I am hosting cub scouts at my house.
Fenix is normally taking a nap at this time, but has opted for an early waking.
Bear is playing on my ipad instead of watching TV downstairs.
Lyon is alone downstairs, unsupervised, watching TV.
My hands are full keeping Fenix out of trouble and staying in the general vicinity of the scouts so as to have "two leaders deep" for the scouts and leaders protection....

Anyway, at some point I hear water running.
Alarms go off in my head.
Lyon is alone downstairs and he likes to play in water.
Visions of flooding fill my mind.
I hustle downstairs to find Lyon standing on a step ladder at the bathroom sink.
He is dumping a cup of water on his chest.
He is butt naked.

What the??!!

Turns out the kid is just trying to wash up after he accidentally pooped his pants.
Probably using the method I used to rinse my kids off 
the last time we went swimming and the shower didn't work.
(We were at an indoor pool and you are supposed to rinse off before you go into the pool.  I was in the family changing bathroom which had a toilet, shower, and a sink.  the floor was full of drains.  Because the shower didn't work I used my hands as a cup and got warm water from the sink to splash on them.)

Lyon is not in the habit of pooping his pants, that day in particular he had just had way too many oranges and couldn't make it to the toilet in time.

So he's got poop all over his backside and he thinks that he can wash up by 
dumping cups of water down his front side.

Oh boy.

I don't have drains in the floor in our bathroom.
To say that there was a big mess is an understatement.
So what do I do?
I've got scouts going on upstairs, 
I've got Fenix in my arms,
there just isn't enough of me to go around.

I do the best I can.

I put Lyon in the bath,
I throw a towel on the floor,
I run back upstairs to tend to the scouts.
After a minute I go back down stairs.

Back and forth, back and forth.

I don't blame Lyon.
I taught my kid good hygiene,
he was just trying to get clean.

So yes, I blame myself, in a good way.
He could have been sitting in a pile of &*IT,
on the carpet.

I'd much rather clean water off the bathroom floor, lol!


Massey Family said...

Sounds like a very exciting day!! :) I absolutely love your posts, Rose!! My life seems so boring compared to yours! :)

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Worthy Family said...

Oh goodness!! Kids are pretty funny!