Monday, February 28, 2011

Scooby-doo birthday party

Last week we celebrated Bear's 6th birthday!
We had a HUGE party with all his friends.
A Scooby-doo birthday party
For two hours my house was packed with 29 (+/-) kids.
And a couple of parents too :D

Superman was gone picking up pizza for the first 15 minutes that kids were arriving.
That was a little overwhelming for me.
I was trying to answer the door, make name tags, and keep an eye on the kids that were already there.

I am so grateful that there were a few parents that stuck around to help out.
Supermans Uncle and Auntie, and my friend Emily.
Moral support, extra authority figures, and hands.
Made the whole party go that much smoother :D

The kids ate pizza, made masks, watched Scooby-doo goes to hollywood, 
opened presents, and had donuts.
Shaggy even showed up!
All within two hours.

That is what Bear said,
and I hope his friends thought so too.

In two years we'll do it all again.
That'll give me just enough time to recuperate.

And hopefully next time I'll remember to do my hair and make-up.
Lol, it wasn't until half way through Bear's party that I realized I had forgotten.
I hope I didn't look too scary......


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The Mecham Family said...

Sorry I wasn't there to help! We had a reception to attend otherwise i would have been more hands for yoU! Next time- promise!