Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So there we were...

So there we were, Phil had proposed marriage, and I had accepted.
Fast forward to that evening.
Well by the time we finished flying around the heavens it was evening.
And getting later by the second, as is usually the case...

I had pretty much lost the opportunity to look hot on our date and settled for putting in contacts, 
and changing my clothes.

We then raced down to Springville hoping to catch Phil's mom before she left for work.
We missed her, tried to catch up with her before she went into work and missed her again.

So we gave up on sharing the news and headed up to the basketball game.
Michael Jordan, thousands of screaming fans, and a whole lot of awkward proposals 
on the basketball court at half time (strangers) later,
and we were heading to a movie.
Pictures of pictures, yeah they suck and they are reversed notice Michaels number 23.

Phil's work had given him tickets to see Daredevil at the Jordan Commons theatre,
so we decided it would be fun to go seeing as it didn't start until after the game was over.
Not long after though.

We raced from the then Delta Center to Jordan Commons only stopping at a Taco Bell,
(It was Taco Bell wasn't it?)
for dinner, which we ate in the theatre.

Taco Bell.
After that glorious proposal?
Yeah, I didn't care.
Food was food.

We ate our food enjoyed the movie and relaxed.
Our spirits were high and happy,
they wouldn't stay that way.

Though tomorrow will tell why....

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