Friday, February 18, 2011

The story continues...

Most stories get better and better, this one doesn't.

We all know that one of the first steps after getting engaged is to tell the people you love the good news.
Generally the people you love will share in your joy, unless of course they believe you are making 
a huge mistake.

As it happens Phil and I were not making a huge mistake in getting married,
we were making a huge mistake in not eloping immediately.

I do not recall the telling of my family very clearly.
I think I basically told the members of my family casually and individually as I saw them.
I think that had we all been together there would have been some kind of standing ovation.
Like when I announced to my family that I was pregnant the first time.
(Or maybe that was when I told my Mom I was engaged....)
Yes, nearly a standing ovation with applause and everything!!!
My Dad told me,
"Oh, don't get married!"
You did Dad, don't deny it!
But as the father of the bride he was the only one who can get away with saying that.

Phil's family on the other hand....

(Now Graves family please DO NOT take this in the wrong way.)
....absolutely suck at receiving good news.

We gathered you all together, 
so lost in our bliss we hardly noticed your skeptical frowns at first.
It didn't take me long, it took Phil longer.

I started to notice that no one was smiling,
no one looked excited,
no one even jumped or whooped for joy.

I don't know why.
Perhaps because you didn't know me well.

Perhaps because Phil is the oldest and the first.
Inexperience being the culprit.

Whatever the case, as Phil told our story and the only comment was,
 Nate's asking if the diamond was even real (It is.),

I hid my face, holding back my tears.
I was so horrified, wondering what kind of family I was marrying in to.
(Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorrry, sorry.  It is just part of the true story!)

When we left, Phil and I were both heartbroken.
Why we didn't plan for our own private wedding then and there I don't really know....
Phil came home with me to my apartment, he slept on my couch that night.
He wasn't about to go home to his uncaring mean family.

You have to understand that an engagement is very big news,
much like the news of a first grand baby.
It calls for celebration,

We got nothing.

Once upon a time
we got married.

We were young
and far to harried.

Being the love
of each others lives.

We ignored the wounds,
 you cut with your knives.


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