Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday......

Nearly every morning it is the same thing.
"Mom, can we go to Ben's house?"
That'd be Lyon asking.
I'll tell Lyon,
"No one is at Ben's house."
But he insists that Grandpa is there.
(Ben is Lyon's uncle, Supermans brother, and "Ben's house" is how my children let me know which Grandpa's house they are talking about.)

Nearly every single morning.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday......
Lyon wants to go see Grandpa.
Grandpa is awesome and Lyon wants to play with him.
Because Grandpa will play with him,
while everyone else tells him, "Not now, in a minute, just a second."
Grandpa almost always says,
"Come on Lyon lets play something."

What ever they play Lyon gets a whole lot of attention, 
and he LOVES it!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday......

"Please let's go to Ben's house!"

This morning I couldn't take telling him 50,000 times why we couldn't.

So I asked Lyon if he wanted to call Grandpa and ask him what he was doing.
Lyon wholeheartedly said,

So he calls Grandpa.
Basically, Grandpa tells Lyon that he is off to work.
Lyon says he wants to go to Grandpa's house so Ben can chase him.
Grandpa says he is at work.
Lyon says he is coming over to his house.
Grandpa talks for a few minutes and Lyon stops listening.
He practically hangs up on Grandpa because he says,
"Grandpa isn't home."
Grandpa tells Lyon bye.
Lyon hangs up and for a minute is disappointed.

I'm sad he is disappointed, but relieved that today's situation has been resolved.
My relief lasts only a few seconds because....
A few seconds later....
Lyon says,
"Okay lets go see Grandpa."