Monday, February 7, 2011

And Lyon says...

It's 5:00PM and Lyon is standing in our front room looking out the window.
I come to sit and stare with him.
As he gazes out the window he says to me with all his child confidence,
"Grandpa is coming over, cause I told him to, 
he is on his way and he'll be here soon.
Yep, any minute........"

Grandpa never said he'd come, and I am pretty sure he isn't on his way, but Lyon is certain he will and is.

He pauses for a few minutes before adding,
"And Stephanie is coming over too."
(Stephanie is his Auntie, Supermans sister)

Poor boy, he's in for a tough lesson on disappointment,
unless of course he ends up being right, or forgets.......
I'm okay with either scenario.