Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eat, for the love of food, just EAT!!!

Sometimes my kids are good eaters, 
sometimes they are not.

Right now Fenix is a good eater,
she'll eat just about anything.

Lyon and Bear 
not so much.

I made stir fry.
I love stir fry.
They don't.

I thought it tasted pretty good.....

Lyon tells me rice is his favorite when I tell him I am making some,
but when it comes time to eat it he clearly changes his mind.

I also asked him if he likes broccoli, 
he said that yes he loves "bwokwy".

It must be he loves to look at it, 
because it sat untouched on his plate.

I ate,
Fenix ate,
Superman ate,
Bear all but ran from the table refusing to eat,
and Lyon sat at the table, when he left, his plate was only played in, uneaten.



The Mecham Family said...

My kids do the same thing... Do you give them something else? Or tell them it's that or nothing?

We live in a Zoo! said...

I tell them that it is that or nothing, but they usually grab and apple when I am not looking. As long as its an apple I don't complain ;D

The Mecham Family said...

Yea, I give in sometimes too if it's something healthy. Cole is always good to tell the kids they are hurting my feelings by not eating the meal that mommy took time to prepare. :)