Friday, March 5, 2010


In case you didn't know Fenix is my third child.
Anyone who has at least three children knows how difficult this can be.
That being said I must tell you,
Bear has been an amazing help.
He gets me diapers when I am changing Fenix, goes to find her when I am busy with Lyon and need to be sure she is okay.
He entertains her while I cook, clean, etc...
He gets her toys, and gives her Cheerios.
He is a fantastic big brother.
Now that being said I must say,
sometimes his "help" just plain cracks me up.
One day I asked him if he could please get me some clothes for Sissy Fenix.
This is what he brought me:

A skirt,
and shoes that are too big for her.


The Boob Nazi said...

hahaha at least he tried?

Arizona Mamma said...

But they are all color coordinated! The boy has good taste.

Hey, question for far apart in age are each of yours? How are their relationships w/ each other? Did you ever worry there would be an odd one out?

Should have said questions

Wendy and Michael said...

LOL cute!! I need a girl so I can buy cute pink girly stuff!!

blueviolet said...

Baby steps, right? :)

Helene said...

Well, at least he picked out color coordinated clothes, right? hahaha!!

It's nice to see that he's such a big help to you!

Frugal Vicki said...

hee hee, I guess you need to be more specific. He did EXACTLY as you asked!

Briann said...

that is TOO funny, at least he coordinated the shoes and skirt :)

The Mecham Family said...

They match! What a good boy!

Dan/Kealy said...

cute :)