Friday, March 26, 2010

Is nothing sacred?

Easter is coming up, so I recently bought a few things like Easter buckets and candy for my kids for Easter morning. Well, I hid them in my closet thinking the boys wouldn't see them. Unfortunaley it didn't take them long to find what I had hidden.
I noticed it was really quiet and went looking for Bear and Lyon, I found them in my closet eating the jelly beans. When they saw me, Lyon held up the Easter toy I got for Fenix and said,
"Look this is a present for Sissy!"
I guess my closet is NOT the ideal hiding spot.

After this I am left wondering if they will be as convinced of the Easter Bunny,
seeing as they found what the Easter Bunny is supposed to be bringing on Easter Sunday....


Julie said...

Too funny! Kids are so smart.
Those sweet tart jelly beans are my favorite! I stock up at Easter!

The Boob Nazi said...

I want, no, NEED some candy.

Arizona Mamma said...

Oh man! What to do now?

I have not even gotten my stuff, I fear it may be slim pickins by the time I get there. Hope not.

At least there is nothing here for them to find ;)