Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have a problem.
Its called, "I can't wake up!"
I love being awake in the early morning hours. I love the alone time, I love that my kids should be asleep for a few hours while I sit and read blogs, exercise, sit and enjoy a good book, all without them pulling me in all different directions begging me to do everything for them. Its just not the same at night. After the kids are in bed, I like to get ready to go to bed myself. It takes me so long to unwind and relax enough to fall asleep that if I don't start early I will be up, unable to sleep all night.
So what is my problem?
When it comes morning time, I can't wake up!!!
I really prefer to wake-up at 4:30 AM, that is when Phil wakes up.
If he can do it, I ought to be able to do it, but unless Phil drags me out of bed and turns a cold shower on me (he has never done that by the way) there is no waking me up.
I've tried planning on a later in the morning hour. Like 6 AM, but I still can't seem to drag myself out of bed.
Why is this so hard for me?
I have the want, I have the need, so why not!!!
Phil says that most people can't wake-up that early and so I shouldn't feel bad. But I do feel bad, I feel frustrated, I feel like so what if most people can't, I want to be the one that CAN!
There is really no excuse, none whatsoever.
And I am left with the problem of "I can't wake-up!"


blueviolet said...

I go through days like that where I keep setting my alarm over again to give me another 15 minutes, and another and another.... until I'm a full 3 hours later!

Emily said...

You're crazy. I could never get up that early. Early morning seminary was killer for me in HS. I guess we are opposite cause I put my kids to bed then I stay up for hours to have my alone time. I've always been a night owl.

Linda said...

Well from one who loves her sleep and has no desire to wake up early all I can say is, if it is that important for you (and your plans for the morning sound heavenly) then roll out onto your knees, say a prayer of thanksgiving and one for the ability to accomplish your desire. Then roll yourself up into a chair/rocking chair, near your bed and start reading. Most mornings you may fall right back to sleep in your chair but do it again the next morning. After two weeks you will be in charge. I promise you. Try it. Good luck

Dan/Kealy said...

I wish I could get up early too (not 4:30 early), but earlier than I do, but I'm such a night person it just doesn't happen. I think having a baby is slowly starting to change that though, because like you said, as soon as she's in bed, I want to go to bed.