Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well yesterday did not get better.
I thought it might.
I was able to fit in a shower and a workout without the kids flying in to temper tantrums.
I was in such a good mood because of this that I decided that I would take the kids to the park.
It was nice and sunny outside and we hadn't been to the park in a long time so why not.
Well, I quickly remembered why not.
I suppose its possible I am a glutton for punishment, but what can I do....
The park is located nearly a mile from my house. An easy walk for me alone, but with three kids well it took us 45 minutes. Bear wanted to ride his scooter, so naturally so did Lyon. I strapped on their helmets got Fenix set up in her stroller and we were off. I tried so hard to be patient. I really did, but when Lyon stopped for the hundredth time to get a closer look at a rock or a stick it was all I could do not to fly into a temper tantrum myself. Poor Lyon just wants to explore. He had a hard time steering his scooter and went at the slowest crawl possible. Somehow we managed to make it to the park. Only to find some huge strange dog running around ownerless. At that point I was ready to start bawling. I didn't. Instead I sat down and told Lyon over and over again to please not chase after the dog. It was a strange dog after all who knows what it was capable of. I don't know if it was a "nice" dog, but any dog without an owner says to me, "I must not be nice".
Anyway we finally headed home. Unfortunately I chose the worst possible time to do so. The way home passes an elementary school. School had just gotten out as we headed past it. The swarm of cars, kids, kids on bikes, kids on scooters, kids on skateboards was overwhelming to say the least. Bear got way ahead of me, while I alternately pulled Lyon on his scooter and carried his scooter while he walked beside me. It took us an eternity to get home. But we did manage to do so unscathed.
Of course, Sissy Fenix cried the whole walk home and when I got her out of her stroller I realized why. She was completely soaked, poor baby. So I took her soaked jammy and diaper off and let her crawl around naked for a few minutes to "air out" I thought I'd just check my email real quick. As I sat entranced by my computer I was content letting the horror of our trip to the park fade into the past, only to be shaken from my reverie by a big wet fart. Not mine, oh no, somewhere down below me. I glanced up, and mind you I'd only been on the computer for five minutes, and then looked down and there sat Fenix, in a puddle of poop. The day was apparently bound to be a poopy one. (At least the puddle was on my kitchen floor and not the carpet) Not only was she sitting in this puddle of poop she was playing in it. It was all over a cup that she had and all over her arms. And on top of that she began to be curious as to the nature of this wet stuff around her and started dipping her finger in it. Luckily I stopped her before it ended up in her mouth. I Cried out to Bear to please go get the wipes, while I picked up Fenix and moved her out of the puddle. I set her on another spot on my kitchen floor where she tried to crawl from to have a better view of her puddle. I was trying to clean up the puddle while she crawled around the kitchen leaving butt prints of poo along the way. Now there is something that I never thought I'd be talking about, poopy butt prints.

Oh dear, the adventure continues, what will happen next......

I must say that as I write this this morning I am laughing very hard, so no worries all is well ;D


Shannon and Doug said...

ROTFL!!!!!!!!! This is so funny. One time Garrett had a major blow out in Victorias secret all over their floor. I didn't have any diapers!!! So I wrapped his nasty butt in a shopping bag and ran out of there as fast as I could. I don't think anyone saw me though because my red face blended nicly with the red and pink walls.........

The Mecham Family said...

Your life is an awesome adventure! hahahaha

Sarah said...

Sounds like an absolute adventure. At least it all makes good fodder for your blog :)

Arizona Mamma said...

Cracking up! I had a similar experience and wrote about it too a while back. If you ever have any interest, you can search my blog for "Has Anyone Ever Pooped on Your Floor?" Of course, now your answer will be yes!

Tori Klein said...

you are hilarious! i seriously love reading your blogs. when i get a moment i sit back and just enjoy them. After having a LONG night of getting London to bed it was nice to seriously laugh out loud to this post!

Talk soon

Dan/Kealy said...

wow, poopy butt prints :) that is funny..but only after the fact i'm sure.