Monday, October 27, 2008


Ahhh another Saturday spent at a BYU football game. The best way to spend a Saturday in my opinion :) OK so maybe that's stretching it a bit, but this last Saturday I was happy to be there. Regardless of the less than perfect play :( I mean what was the defense doing out there? They obviously had something other than football on their mind. Phil was going nuts, we couldn't believe the rape that they were allowing to happen! Who does that?! At one point, at almost nothing and goal UNLV had 3 guys on one end and BYUs defense only had two guys covering them! Who did UNLV throw to for the touchdown? The guys that weren't being covered! AAAARRRRGGGG!
Was that an obvious play or what, lol!
Oh well despite lacking severely in the defense department they did end up getting the job done, so I will give them that.
The video I have posted is priceless. Having occured in the end zone with seconds left on the clock and BYU barely holding onto their 7 point lead. UNLV had the ball, marched it down the field, and were right in front of the goal line. At this point the crowd was going wild with an almost defening roar. I can tell you that nobody left this game early. This clip is of the game winning interception by three of BYU's defensive players. Ok, maybe they didn't all three catch it, but they were all there for it. The excitement was tangible and electric!
It was so much fun!


Wendy and Michael said...

Ah, if only i understood football i may have a great appreciation for what happened in that video! One day you will have to fill me in!! by the way... i have your sun glasses! somehow they ended up in my purse!

Dan/Kealy said...

I am so behind on your blog! I just read through your entries-I had no idea you blogged so much-you do much better than me. I'll do better and check your blog more frequently! Oh, and your boys are so cute!