Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Darkest Black By Rose Graves

The house was dark as I pulled into the drive way. There was no moon tonight, not even a street lamp to illuminate the crisp earth. As I pushed the button for the garage to open, I was surprised when nothing happened.
“Great” I muttered to myself “it doesn’t work”
Frustrated, I turned my car off and gathered up my things, to carry into my newly acquired house. It was small, with only two bedrooms, but I was alone so it was more than enough space for me. I struggled to make it to the front door without dropping everything, but I made it and had my key ready to unlock the door. I opened the door and let my things fall to the floor, just far enough inside that I could still close the door behind me. As I did, I hung my keys on the hook. I felt around for the light switch, still unfamiliar with the layout. My search however was wasted, because when I flipped the switch, nothing happened. The power must be out I decided.
I stumbled around my dark, cluttered house. Everything was still in boxes so I knew I’d never find my flashlight. Then I remembered that I had left some candles in my bathroom, in hopes of a nice relaxing soak, by candlelight. Now I was glad I did, since I knew exactly where to find the candles and the matches. Now I knew at least something was starting to go my way. Maybe tonight was the perfect time for that hot soak, I thought as I smiled heading toward the bathroom. After only a few paces my foot caught the corner of a box and I tripped. Immediately my smile vanished and was replaced by a grimace.
I finally reached the bathroom and felt along the counter for the book of matches and the candles.
“How can blind people do this?” I mumbled to myself, urging my other senses to kick in.
I soon found the matches and opened the pack, fumbling, I struck a match and illuminated where the candles were. As the small flame lit the room I was taken aback at the pale face that stared back at me. I gasped and dropped the match, it went out. The room was immediately black. My heart hammered in my chest, I felt dizzy with adrenaline. Taking deep breaths and irritated with myself I struck another match. This time I kept my eyes down, I found the candles and lit them quickly so as not to burn my fingers. I looked back up again at the ashen face. I had always had pale white skin knowing it was useless to try and get a tan, since it seemed my skin was completely drained of color. I knew with sun, I would only end up with more of the spotty freckles that I had come to dread. My only choice was to plaster myself with sunscreen to avoid the annoying sun specks. My ashen skin was enhanced by my auburn hair, which I was grateful was dark thick and silky, instead of the usual frizzy, orange. I took in my emerald green eyes, thinking for the thousandth time, that they made me look creepy. I’d always thought so, though most people generously complimented them.
Turning away not wanting to critique myself further, I took two candles with me as I made my way into the living room. I found my way easily now with the aid of the flickering flames. I set one candle on a table in the living room and then went into the kitchen. I was starving. I didn’t think I could even make anything, with the power out. I frowned to myself debating on whether or not to order something and have it delivered or just go out again by myself. I walked into the kitchen and set the last candle on the counter.
As the light filled the room I gasped in terror. Standing only fifteen feet in front of me was a figure from my nightmares. He was tall and lean, easily towering over my five-foot four-inches. His hair was dark brown almost black. I couldn’t see the color of his eyes. Then he turned and smiled wickedly at me.
I gasped, my eyes filled with tears. How could this be happening? I was frozen in absolute terror. I stood there in front of this hunter knowing I was soon to be his prey. I wondered fleetingly if I could escape. The thought was quickly lost to the fear that coursed through my body.
He laughed. He laughed at me!
“You aren’t making this much of a challenge” he whispered
He looked at me with ravenous eyes. As he said it, I knew he wasn’t here to rob my house he was here for me.
“It’s ok” he said, his words dripping sickeningly with sweetness. “You couldn’t do much to get away” He smiled again, enjoying himself.
I felt nauseated. He took a step toward me closing the distance between us. How could I just stand here and let this continue, I wondered to myself angrily. As he moved closer I grew angrier. The rage surged through my body giving my brain a jolt, just what I needed to begin forming a plan. I tried to think where my phone was; maybe I could call for help. Then I realized I’d left it in my car. The car! If I could make it to the front door my keys were right there. I could drive away and call for help on my phone. It was a simple, yet perfect plan.
He was only Ten feet away now, I had to act now! I turned around and raced to the front door, grateful that I was doing so without tripping this time. I grabbed my keys and pulled the door open at the same time. I ran as if I were an Olympic sprinter, full speed to my car, pressing the unlock button as I ran. I didn’t dare look behind me to know that he was coming. I opened the car door, climbed into my seat and closed the door. As I put the key in the ignition, I turned it. Before the engine could even start, my door was ripped open. He was tearing me out of the car. I began to kick against his chest in an attempt to reach the passenger side door. He was not deterred. He reached in and grabbed me, yanking me into him effortlessly.
He wrapped his arms tightly around me, pinning my arms to my chest. He kicked the car door shut and shoved me back toward the house. I screamed, in desperation that someone, anyone would hear my cries and come to liberate me, but I knew it was hopeless. The closest house was a half mile away and in the short time I had lived here I had yet to see anyone come this far up the street.
I tried to kick him, aiming for his knees, attempting to incapacitate him, so I could break free. But it was hopeless. He just wrapped his arms around me even tighter, making it nearly impossible to scream or even breath. He half pushed, half carried me, back into the house sealing the door behind us and locking the dead bolt. Again, a rush of fear coursed through my body. My throat was ablaze and my eyes stung with tears.
“You sick demon!” I seethed, trying to push the fear to the remotest depths of my frame.
He laughed again “So feisty” he hissed, “With a fire that goes perfectly with your red hair.”
He pulled my hair to his face and I could hear him inhale. “Ahh, mouthwatering”
“How can I resist you” he whispered into my ear, making me cringe in horror. I defiantly looked ahead giving no response, yet feeling so helpless. I commenced once again to internally explode with fury and I began screaming again. My cry was piercing. I recoiled, forcing myself out of his arms, using my final strength to flee from this monster. I started to run again, seeming momentarily to fly, but he caught me effortlessly and threw me down against the living room floor, fully pinning my arms and legs. I was completely immobilized.
I continued to scream and struggle, my options were completely exhausted. Everything inside me desired to be as far away as possible from this monster. I was so fatigued, having no more strength to struggle or scream.
He laughed again “I am really going to enjoy you” he smiled wickedly
He brought his mouth to my cheek and let it trace the edges of my jaw, bringing it down my neck to my collar bone. Then he lifted his head and brought his mouth to my ear whispering,
“Sweet dreams “
Then to my absolute terror, he brought his mouth to my jugular. His sharp teeth melted through my skin. As I, disbelievingly, sank into the black darkness…….


roseandphil.blogspot.com said...

Rose let me be the first to say, you did an awesome job with this scary story!!!

Wendy and Michael said...

Wow Rose!! Impressive!! When do i get to read what happens next! I'm hooked and can't wait for the next chapter!! You are really good!!!!!

Andrew and Charonne- said...

hi rose, i need to add you as a blod bud

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The Mecham Family said...

Yes! Finally a story where the vampire kills the girl!! haha ;)j/k
Creepy Rose! Well written!

Shannon and Doug said...

Your talent is jaw dropping! You really should write a book! You could be on the best seller list. You go girly

Vanessa said...

rose! hurry and post the next part :) i cannot wait, gotta message me when it is up.