Friday, November 21, 2008

Tag from Kendra: Thanksgiving ABC

The picture is kinda random, I know, but...
What I am thankful for:

A-Airplanes, they carry me to loved ones or loved ones to me :)
B-Bear, My sweet baby Bear:)
C-Canned food, lets face it I couldn't live with out it
D-Dancing, its such good exercise and its fun too
E-Eggs, something my three year old will actually eat
F-Family, I love being with family
G-Grass, what would summer be without a lawn to run around on barefoot
H-Houses, My house in particular, its so wonderful to be in our own place
I-Independence, need I say more
J-Jersey's, Bear loves his, they were totally worth buying for Christmas last year
K-Kitchen, I can't imagine life without a kitchen
L-Lyon, My sweet baby boy:)
M-Miracles, they happen every day whether we acknowledge them or notice them or not
N-Nutrition, I am so thankful that I can provide this for my family
O-OB-GYN, Let's face it I don't want anyone else to deliver my baby
P-Phillip, He is my whole world
Q-Quiet-its nice to have some once in a while
R-Rose, Yes I am thankful to be myself
S-Sisters, ok brothers too but My sisters are my best friends and my brothers my buds
T-Thanksgiving, the food the family the love whats not to be thankful for
U-Uterus', Yeah where do you think babies come from
V-Victory, How could we go on if we didn't succeed once in a while
W-Water, that pure and holy nectar of life
X-X-rays, eh its good to know if you've broken a bone or not
Ok not very creative but still
Y-Ylang ylang, have you smelt this mixed with lavender it's like cologne
Z-Zofran, the miracle anti nausea drug that makes it possible for me to function

The fact that I got through this whole alphabet without pulling out my dictionary :)


Wendy and Michael said...

Glad to hear the zofran is working!! Mom said you were really really really sick!

Wendy and Michael said...

By the way, Twilight was freaking awesome!! I was worried I wouldn't like it but it was the only flick playing this afternoon when we had a babysitter. Did you like the movie as well as the book? said...

We'll have to get together and talk about it. I really want to know all about what you thought :) So lets get together soon, Oh wait we are, Thanksgiving :D