Saturday, January 2, 2010

Common sense of smell

So I was cooking breakfast this morning.
Hash browns ;D
I waited to smell that they needed to be flipped.
Yep, that's right I rely on my sense of smell.
I waited and waited, couldn't smell that well known smell that tells me when they are ready. I finally went to check on them, they were burning!
I quickly flipped them, they would be okay to eat.
So then I got to thinking this had happened the last several times I have made hash browns. What the heck! My mind started to run wild. Why can't I smell, what is going on, I have been struggling to remember things, I've had headaches, I can't find things?!!!! Oh my gosh it must be a brain tumor, I start hyperventilating.
Then I remember that I have had a cold for the past few weeks. I also have a baby that wakes me up every hour, no exaggeration, EVERY HOUR!!!
That is why I can't smell, I have a stuffy nose.
That is why my brain isn't working I am too sleep deprived.

Common Sense ;)


The Mecham Family said...

So glad you aren't dying of a brain tumor! :)

Shannon and Doug said...

lol! That is funny Rose!

Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought said...

I always jump straight to the worst case scenarios too- brain tumor is #1.