Saturday, January 24, 2009


It has been a very difficult month of January for me this year. I have been pregnant, which makes me unbearably moody, tired, and completly overwhelmed. Our computer broke. Which wasn't the end of the world or anything, its just a nice window to the outside world when stuck inside all day long. And I still haven't taken down all of my Christmas decorations, something that irritates me constantly.
I must admit I haven't taken these things lightly. I have been very, and I must stress VERY, ornery and whiny. You'd think I would know better, I am a grown woman afterall. How many times have I told my boys not to whine because it is soooooo annoying? If you have kids you know all about this. They start whining about something that you have no control over and expect you to fix it. Or its something that you are working on and you just need them to leave you alone long enough so you can, make them a snack, or get them a drink, or get the door open, or whatever it happens to be.
Knowing this as I do I have learned nothing. I have gone on and on to my own Mom about things that she has no control over and cannot fix for me. I have gone on and on to my husband who is working on it but needs me to leave him alone long enough so he can get whatever it is at the moment, done. I think I have whined to just about everyone who will listen to me.
How funny would it have been if my son had said to me: "Stop Whining, its so annoying!"
Maybe I would have snapped out of it sooner.
The point I am trying to make, to myself mostly, is that we all have troubles. Its okay to vent once in a while. However there is a time and a place. Its not okay to whine through every conversation one has. So I have decided that if I want people to continue talking to me I must change my attitude, NOW!
This is my new New Years Resolution! Having a good attitude makes me, and those around me, happier. I will remember that I have been greatly blessed and very well taken care of. I can do it!

And, I'll save the whining for my monthly visit to the doctors office, LOL!


Wendy and Michael said...

Complaining just comes with the territory! The best book I read during my pregnancy was Belly Laughs! I have a tendency to be blunt like Jenny McCarthy and just tell it like it is. I love how she explained that It’s one thing to know you are being a total brat (she used a different word) and another to do anything about it. You have all sorts of hormones raging through your body which make you more moody and emotional. Couple that with being sick and gaining weight and no one can blame you for complaining. We are modern women, our ancestors would have sucked it up and dealt with it, we on the other hand feel it our duty to let everyone know how it really is!! Anyway don’t feel too bad or you’ll give all those other pregnant women a bad name ;) said...


The Mecham Family said...

You never whined to me. So I still like ya. hahahaha. Sorry you have been so miserable though! I'm excited for your ultrasound today!!! Crossin my fingers for a GIRL!!