Thursday, June 25, 2009


T-ball is over
Bear had his last game on Tuesday
He played fantastic
always the first after every ball
never failing to hit the ball
he paid attention
he got into the action
he made the games fun to watch
I loved overhearing the other parents comment
amongst themselves
"Wow that kid is good!"
On Tuesday he actually caught a fly ball
very impressive for a four year old
He also hit an amazing home run to finish the game
He finally got the concept that everyone is a winner
I found this out when someone asked him if his team won and he replied with:
"Everyone did"
I almost cried
My boy is growing up
It was a good season
Bear had a blast
So did Lyon
Even though he didn't get to play as much as he wanted :D
I can't wait to start the next sport
whatever that may be

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Gpa Graves said...

It was fun to watch him play and have a good time.I remember coaching his dad and the fun time we had