Monday, July 27, 2009

Lyon's second Birthday

For Lyon's B-day we decided to take the boys to the Living Planet Aquarium up in Sandy. The boys had a blast! They loved seeing all of the fish and freaked out at the tank with stingrays that you could touch. Lyon was nervous about some of the creatures like there were some spiders that he wouldn't go anywhere near.

You can see Lyon is a little mad in this picture. I can't really remember why, maybe he was annoyed that I kept trying to get him to go into these little caves through the "coral" so I could get his picture.

Here is Bear he was very good about having his picture taken. I couldn't get Ly to stand on the other side of this "tree"

He started bawling when I tried to get him to sit in this little canoe.

Bear of course was all for getting in the canoe, but was disappointed that he couldn't pick up the paddle. It was glued down to the floor.

After the Aquarium we came home and made cupcakes. This was Ly's cake:D

Here he is opening presents, he had plenty of help.

The baseball bat was from Phil and I. He was so excited about it. In the picture he is saying "its awesome!"

Here he is holding "Sissy" He likes to hold her for a few seconds at a time.

All in all I think he had a good Birthday.


Richard Graves said...

what a great birthday

Wendy and Michael said...

It was fun going to Ly's birthday, he is such a cute and sweet boy!How was the Aquarium? Would you do it again?