Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fenix's baby blessing

We blessed Fenix this last weekend while everyone was still in town, except sadly Christine and her family and Daniel and Kealy. We sure missed you. As for everyone else that made it we were so happy to have you all there to share in this milestone of our daughters life. Church started at 8:30AM and it was a decently long drive for everyone, thanks everyone for getting up early instead of sleeping in. And Charity, it was really fun staying up till, what was it, 2:00 in the morning just talking and laughing, that was really fun :D So thanks for entertaining me while I did the dishes and cleaned up to be ready for Sunday.
The blessing went wonderfully as it should and we had many priesthood holders there to help with it. Thanks to those who did, we really apprieciate it.
After the blessing we all met at my house for brunch.
It was so nice to have everyone together.
Below are pictures of everyone at our house. Finally a bunch with me in them, sadly at a time when I had zero time to fix my hair :( Its ok though the focus is on my daughter, right :D
enjoy :)
My Beautiful Baby Girl, unfortunatley this is the best picture I currently have of her by herself in her blessing dress (which happens to be the dress I wore for my own baby blessing) I will be sure to post a better one sometime in the near future.

Talking and visiting
The boys all had a blast wrestling

Lyon, so cute
Joseph, so cute

Nate, what in the world are you doing to Stephanie?

Ben was totally keeping the little boys entertained

Talking and visiting

Michael M. and Johnny

Lol! They must be tired :D

Proud Papa

Happy Family
Not an easy picture to get

Baby Girl with Grandma

Charity and her family with Grandma and Grandpa

Four Generations

The two Babies (no I am not referring to Wendy and Myself) ;p

Graves Family

Both Grandmas and Me with Fenix


Richard Graves said...

that is a nice post we had a great time. thanks for your effort

Dan/Kealy said...

Love the pics-especially the one of your little family-so cute! I'm glad it was such a great day!!

The Mecham Family said...

Such sweet pics! Thanks for inviting us. We were happy to be there! (and it was a REALLY long drive for us!)