Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Joseph!!!

While my sister Charity and her family were in town we had a big huge birthday party for her son Joseph. Everyone who happened to be in town or lived nearby was there (at least family that is). Now, personally, I love to get together with the fam. I know a lot of people dread such occasions. I can sorta see why, but that isn't the point. The point was to get together while we could and celebrate a cute little boy's birthday. It was a whole lot of fun to see everybody! The kids had a blast playing together, too bad my Mom doesn't have her huge yard finished yet, because those kids could have really used some room for running :D

Phil with baby Michael

Baby Michael and Fenix, they were born 5 weeks apart

All of the cousins, plus Wendy and Charity. They had to be there to support and hold still they're little ones

A lot of fun and friendly people

Phil and Me. I could not get this pic to rotate

All the brothers and sisters and our families :D And Mom
Yeah, Wendy, I know that my pics are not anywhere near as good as yours :(

My Mom and her family

Listening to Uncle Mike

The Hokey Pokey
Bear trying to do the hokey pokey, lol!

Joseph's cake
Happy Birhtday Buddy!!!


Shannon and Doug said...

That was so much fun looking at all those pictures! I LOVED seeing all of your family. I know it might sound kinda weird, but all growing up I really felt like your family was sorta my family too. So it was really touching to see them all together like that. Was a fun party too! Who's house was that at?

Wendy and Michael said...

great post! now I don't have to write about it LOL :) It was lots of fun and I'm all for mom doing these at her house! Seems we get more time to visit! Love the pix of Michael and Fenix!!