Wednesday, August 19, 2009

its all about motivation and enrichment...

To be in a constant state of improvement,
This year I will:

-Think more positive

-Smile more often

-Exercise daily

-Think more of others and less of myself

-Get out of the house more often
-Make new friends

-I will figure out a way to generate my own income

-So I can pay for a second car
-So I can attend school next fall
-So my children will not have to do without

-I will learn

-I will read
-I will write

-I will love every minute of everyday
-Simply because I have it to love

-I will appreciate others as I would want to be appreciated
-I will expect nothing in return
-I will thank others without apology

-I will cry more
-Laugh more

-Sing more
-Dance more

-I will do everything I can to be a better person next year than I am today....

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