Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Owlz baseball game

So Phil got some really cheap tickets, that included a free hot dog and drink, to the Owlz game. It sounded like fun so we went. The boys loved it! We sat on a hillside instead of the seats because it was less expensive and the kids could run around and play. It wasn't very comfortable the hill was pretty steep. I had a hard time not sliding down the hill. Lol!
Apparently all of the kids go with their mitts in case a foul ball comes their way. I sat there the whole game praying we wouldn't get hit by one. Well we didn't, but one ball landed just inside the concrete barrier, one of the pitchers in the bull pen (I think that is what they call it) brought it over to toss to the crowd of twenty plus kids that stood there crying for him to throw it to them. Well this guy walked right past all of them and motioned for Bear to "com'ere". He handed that ball straight to Bear! Bear was so excited!

Here we are sitting on the hill, you can see how steep it is.

I think Lyon is pretending to throw a ball to Stephanie,
but I could be wrong.

Bear playing with his baseball. He would stand at the bottom of the hill and roll his ball up so it would roll back down to him.

Just watching

Lyon, Bear, and Ben.

Little Sissy




Richard Graves said...

that was a fun night!!

Shannon and Doug said...

That is so weird! We just got home from a game ourselves. And I was worried the whole time about getting clocked in the head with a foul ball too! How funny. That hill does look pretty steep. Looks like fun! You look fabulous by the way!

Wendy and Michael said...

LOL how cute! I'm sure Bear went nuts over the ball!!

Dan/Kealy said...

Love the pic of Lyon doing a fish face or whatever-it's pretty awesome!