Monday, August 31, 2009

Wait what happened?

Do you ever feel like you are missing something? Every now and then I will come out of a moment of deep thought and relize that I have missed something.
Every Monday morning the garbage truck comes. Lyon loves watching it. I am always sure to point it out him so he remembers to go see. I can here it coming from anywhere in my house, so this should not be a difficult task to remember to do. This morning we missed it. I don't know how. What was I doing? When did it come? I know it has come because my garbage can is tipped over and empty. I feel bad, but there is always next week, right.

I have some peaches sitting on my work table in the kitchen. They are washed and ready to be eaten or used for cooking, canning, whatever. One minute they are there the next they are gone.... What has happened to them? My sweet little Lyon comes running into the kitchen.
he tells me.
He gets a chair and pushes it to the work table and grabs the last peach. I notice that he has something orange hanging from his chin and his shirt and hands are covered in something sticky. I realize he has been getting the peaches and eating them. Where was I? How did I miss this? How did I not see him?

We are at a family reunion in highland, at Phil's Aunts house. We got there and the kids ran off to play while Phil went to help set up. I am sitting at a table in the shade holding Fenix while keeping an eye on my boys. I am watching them the whole time. I watch as they play on the swing set and slide. I watch as they watch other kids play on the zip-line. I watch as they watch some older boys playing catch. They have almost my whole attention. Until Phil finishes and I go in the house to feed Fenix. At which point Phil watches the boys. I am sitting in the living room I can't see anything out side, but I have a great view of the living room, kitchen and hallway leading past the stairs to the basement, to the front door. When I finish I go back outside to sit with my family while we all eat.
Now at some point during this time my dear sweet baby boy, who is not really a baby but who are we kidding he will always be my baby boy, went into the house, down to the basement where there are alot of toys and a pool table. He dumped out the toys, made a huge mess, and was throwing pool balls around the room, when he was found by Phil's Aunt. (Or at least this is what I was told later that night while at a friends house visiting) Now this all happened before we ate.
I was watching the boys the whole time. I have been over and over this and cannot think of a time that he could have snuck off to engage in such mischief. I am horrified that MY son was the culprit. Upon first hearing the news I knew it couldn't possibly have been my child. I was watching him. I asked my son what he knew about it and he described what he did. Crap!!!
How did this happen? Where was I? How did I miss this?
Wait WHAT Happened? Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

I really don't know.


Wendy and Michael said...

LOL! I some times find my self just saying yes to Aiden when he is talking to me in the car and suddenly i realize what i'm saying yes to and I'm like i mean no!

The Mecham Family said...

hahaha. I love that Bear even told you what he did. How could you possibly upset! haha. it is kinda funny. :) I love Bear.
And I think as mothers we block things out if the kids are whining in my ear while I'm trying to do something, it's like I just shut their voices out completely...Cole has no idea how I do it...