Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Pumkin Patch: The Maze

On our way in looking at the bunnies

Phil and Fenix Mike and Little Mike
The baby carriers

We managed to get them to hold still for a second
Look at how Bear is sitting, Lol!

Look at that face, she was definitely happy to be there :D

This boy just makes me smile

Apparently us Mom's and Dad's were going
too slow
We kept yelling at them to wait
and they were like
Yeah right
They probably ran through that maze four times

because of how often they ran ahead
only to turn around and run back

We thought it would be really cold
It wasn't
They ended up throwing their warm clothes
at me, so I could carry it all
I love Lyon's hat in this picture :D

He was trying to wriggle out of my arms
It didn't take him long
I had just enough time to snap this pic of us

We have managed to get good family pictures
there in the past.
I usually plan our outfits to coordinat
and have never had any problem
getting the family to wear them.
Bear and Lyon chose our outfits this year
How could we refuse
Need I say more...

I had just taken a family photo for them
with their camera
Bear wanted to take one too
this is what he took :)

Just gotta love it


Wendy and Michael said...

cute! that was alot of fun! I stil have to do my post... speaking of which, you never look at my blog and you removed me from your list!! I am SO offended!

Pineapple Princess said...

You have such a beautiful family! :)

I'm enjoying your blog so much!