Thursday, October 15, 2009

TGIF, no wait TGI Thursday

Friday is Phil's "fun day" meaning after working 9 9hour days (oh please, he worked way more than that) he gets to have the day off to enjoy and have fun, or in his case work some more from home. So it is kinda like a Friday tonight, Phil won't be home till late, but will be home in the morning when we all wake up which makes life a little easier on me. So since my kids are all asleep in bed, or at least supposed to be, Bear and Lyon have been fighting in their room and coming out to tell me about it every five minutes....but that is another story. Back to it being my Friday. I can somewhat relax. Normally I would watch a movie drink some Izze, lay back and enjoy it. But tonight I don't have a movie to watch there just isn't anything good on, I thought about Grey's Anatomy but immediatley changed my mind, there is just way to much sex on that show. At least ER had some content. Anyway so what did I do instead, I went blog jumping, hopping, surfing, stalking, whatever you want to call it. I 've got a list over there, on the side of my blog, of quite a few sites/blogs I like to check out. I find it makes for pretty good reading, and usually makes me smile. So if you've got some time to yourself and don't know what to do with it go check them out you might find you like them too ;D
PS. I am not talking about the family and friends blogs but the list below that titled "check it out"

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Dan/Kealy said...

So I wanted to comment on the post where Fenix is eating, but for some reason, the link isn't showing up on my computer-so I'm going to comment here. She's so cute! I seriously can't wait to see you all for Christmas Break!!