Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Ahhhhhh, there's a monster!!!!"

The lastest game the kids play is:
Ahhhhhhh, there's a MONSTER!!!!!
We had a family party not too long ago. The kids needed entertainment, somebody mentioned monsters, so for the better part of the party Bear and Lyon (along with the other kids their age) pretended there was a monster behind a locked door that they couldn't open.

Here they are looking at the locked door, some of them start to run away before the screaming
of "Ahhhhhh, there is a monster!" starts.

This was a little nook that they hid from "the monster" in.
(Yes, that is Lyon in his football jersey holding his red football)

Here they are peeking around the corner.

It is very entertaining to watch :D
Today I spent a half hour playing
Ahhhhh, there is a snow monster outside!!!
With Bear and Lyon here at home.
We laughed and then yelled "Ahhhhhhhh!!!"
Who would have thought it would be so fun :D

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