Friday, January 29, 2010

Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier

While we are on the subject of books, let me tell you about one of my absolute FAVORITES.

About 6 years ago, I was working at a Quizno's, and I made very good friends with one of my coworkers. One day she was reading a book as she walked into work. When she took her break she read her book. When her break was over she groaned because she didn't want to put down her book. I swear if she could have managed to do the dishes while reading that book, she would have. She got to talking to me about it, going on and on about how good this book was and how she was glued to it every chance she got. So, due to her exitement over it, I asked if I could borrow it when she was done.
She lent it to me and it wasn't long before I was hooked. I could not put that book down.
I would leave early from my house in the morning just so I could sit in my car and read it before I had to go in to work. Then I read that book as I walked into work, I read it on my break, if I could have managed to do the dishes while reading that book, I would have.

I became the characters, their thoughts became mine, and when they did something that I would not have done, I cringed, crying out to them in exasperation and waited to see what would happen.

I was in a constant state of "what is going to happen next?"

I loved every minute of it.

So I finished the book, I cried at the end, and I didn't want it to be over (that wasn't why I cried though, it was a very tearjerking ending). I wanted to read it again right then, to start over and journey through it. I refrained from doing so and brought the book back to my friend only to find her nose stuck inside another book. The journey was not over yet ;)

In case you didn't catch from the post title what book I am talking about:

Daughter of the forest is the name of that book that I could not put down.

Juliet Marillier is the author.


The Mommyologist said...

I will have to add that one to my list! I love books that leave you wanting more.

The Mecham Family said...

Oh! I must read that! I love a book that I can't put down!

Theta Mom said...

Sounds great! And thanks for adding my cute button - following you! :)

Dan/Kealy said...

I loved it too-thanks for sharing it with me :) It was a cute ending. I think it was all the better because of all the hard stuff she had to go through. (I know I read it like a year or two ago, but after I was done reading it, I was telling my mom about it, and now she's read it too and liked it.)