Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Soda Pop and Scissors

This is how Bear and Lyon opened some soda cans that they snuck into.
First they tried the little metal dealie (I have no idea what it is)
Then when that didn't work they used the scissors. Check out the top of that soda can!
I came out of my room one morning to find them drinking these soda's
Bear's response to my perplexed expression was:

"I opened them with your scissors, but I was really really super blamo careful,"

Well as long as he was careful, lol!
Okay, I'll give them credit for ingenuity.
And the fact that it made me smile :D

1 comment:

Dan/Kealy said...

And it was a good thing that he was "super blamo careful". That's awesome. They did cut it open pretty good too-I'm impressed.