Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bear keeps things interesting that's for sure

K, Bear just totally cracks me up. The things he comes up with are, well, there are no words. Let me tell you what went on at my house in the early morning hours.

I wake-up to the sound of little feet pitter pattering back and forth in the living room and kitchen. I know its Bear so I let him be and close my eyes, not quite sleeping, not quite awake. I start to get curious as to what he is up to, and Sissy is starting to fuss. So I get up and get dressed. I quietly peek out of my room and into the kitchen where Bear is working very intently on something. I look a little closer and see that he has clipped a small green piece of paper into an odd shape and is now writing something on it with a crayon.
It reminds me of the card he helped Phil make for me on valentines day.
(This is the card they made me for valentines day)

As he sits there writing intently I am also reminded of little Ralphi on "The Christmas Story" when he is decoding the secret code in his bathroom [to help little orphin Annie] Bear works on it intently licking his lips. I wish I could have taken a picture or better yet gotten video but darn it I couldn't get to my camera.

Anyway he finishes writing and I can tell he is going to be heading my way so I creep back to my bed, lay down and close my eyes. Bear comes in ever so quietly and places the carefully created paper on one of my arms, then sneaks back out. I crack my eyes open and see he has written his name on the odd shaped paper.
(this is what he made me)

I smile and then hear Sissy again, not crying but laughing and jabbering so I know Bear has gone into her room and is entertaining her. I can hear Bear laughing a mischievious laugh and so I go to investigate. Before I can even make it to Sissy's door Bear comes running out yelling,

"Mom, come see this!"

I go in and Bear says,

"Look Sissy got out of her bed all by herself!"

There is Sissy sitting on the floor in the middle of her room. I know she didn't get out of her bed by herself, I know a little Bear has helped her. (in case you don't frequent my blog often you should note that Sissy is only 9mnths old and in no way capable of climbing out of her bed)

At this point Bear is laughing hysterically finding the whole thing very entertaining. I smile and say,

"Wow Sissy!"

And smile. I think its pretty funny myself, but I take mental note to not let Bear get Sissy out of her bed again.

After he has laughed himself out he asks me if I got the paper he put by me in my bed.
I say I have and that it was awesome. He tells me that it is cut out as a tree. A spring tree. Which then launches him into a monologue about the popcorn tree seed that he planted and how its not going to grow because Dad took away the bucket he used to water it with. I tell him it will be fine as it has been raining a lot lately. He gets excited and launches into another monologue about how we can't cut down the popcorn tree and how we'll be able to go and pick popcorn when we want to watch a movie.

(where Bear planted his popcorn tree seed)

He makes me laugh over and over.
Oh to be four again...


Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

What a lovely work of art Bear made for you! What a precious story! Thanks for sharing it!

Dan/Kealy said...

He's very sneaky-lol!