Friday, February 19, 2010

Benihana restaurant

We went to Benihana restaurant in Florida for dinner the other week.
We brought our kids, after a long day at Disney World. I don't want to say it was a mistake to take our kids but....
It was all well and good when we got there. Lyon had fallen asleep on the way there so I carried him in, Phil carried Fenix in her car seat, and Bear fortunately walked on his own.
Lyon often does fall asleep in the car when we go places in the afternoon evening. I wasn't worried about it, he had gone to the bathroom before we left and he would probably sleep right through dinner and then we would just carry him back out to the car when we were done, right? Wrong!
When we were seated I put him down on the floor under the table so he could sleep somewhat comfortably. We ordered our dinner, Phil got the filet mignon, I got chicken Hibachi rice, sushi rolls, the salad, and onion soup, and Bear got his own kids Hibachi steak with corn. We also got an order of edamame as an appetizer. Fenix loved sucking on the shells. It was all very yummy and as delicious as I thought it would be. The Hibachi cook did an okay job although I have seen much funner and better in Utah at Asuka. Bear loved his food and loved watching the Hibachi cook. We made it half way through the meal without any problems. It was about that time that Lyon started to cry. He was waking up and when he wakes up from naps he is usually very ornery. He started crying so I crouched down next to him to try and comfort him. When that didn't work I picked him up and put him on my lap. He started crying even harder. It was then, with him sitting on my lap, that I realized what the problem was. He had peed in his sleep. And not just a little, I mean a lot. I mean the kid can really pee. He must have an enormous bladder to be able to hold that much fluid. We were both soaked I had no other options other than to leave. So I told Phil to give me the keys to the car and I carried him out to the car.
I of course had no bag with extra clothes in it, of course not because I never do when I need them. I walk around with a bag packed full of anything we might need and we hardly ever do. At least not until we don't have it do we need it. Ugg!
So I stripped Lyon of his pee soaked clothes and put the only thing on him that I could, my jacket, which I had fortunately left in the car.
I was soaking wet having had him on my lap and then carried him, but there was nothing I could do about that. So we sat out in the car, me really wanting to eat the rest of my food and Lyon who wondered repeatedly where Dad and Bear were. Where were they? They were sitting at our table enjoying being sung too (happy birthday because it was almost Bear's birthday) and eating ice cream......

So in conclusion,
Benihana restaurant with kids is fine as long as your kids are well rested before you go.
Benihana restaurnat with kids can be fun as long as your kids are not ornery.
Benihana restaurant has great food as long as you are not soaked in pee.
Benihana restaurant is pretty much like any other hibachi place you can go to, but a lot more expensive.

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Wendy and Michael said...

edamame??!! EW! you seriously like that, LOL