Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Disney's animal kingdom

(Bear, Lyon Fenix and Me)

Today we went to Disney's animal kingdom it was a learning experience.
I didn't bring enough snacks and I brought to much extra clothes.
Tomorrow I'll know better.

We slept in this morning, having had such a late night last night, and it was pouring rain outside. Luckily I had packed ponchos that I bought for 50cents a piece. We didn't leave our hotel to go to Disney's animal kingdom until around eleven AM. We got all packed up and bundled in our ponchos and were on our way on the Disney's animal kingdom bus, awesome. When we got there a lot of people were leaving the park which surprised me until I realized it was nearly lunch time so people were probably going out for lunch or heading to another park. (I noticed that most of the people leaving were soaking wet)
We ended up being very blessed because by the time we got inside Disney's animal kingdom and decided on where to go first it stopped raining and the sun came out just long enough for our ponchos to dry. (or at least get as dry as they can get amid the humidity)
So our day was cool rather than scorching, and the park was nearly empty so we were able to just walk on to every single ride we went on. No waiting!!!
One of the things I noticed about Disney's animal kingdom were the birds. They were everywhere and they were not afraid of people at all! When we took a break to eat lunch they sat there and stared at us, they had very menacing looking faces.

When we got up to leave the birds took over our lunch spot. Seriously we had hardly stood up before they were upon our crumbs! It was a bit creepy. Fortunately the boys weren't scared, Lyon even tried to chase after them and Bear wanted to feed them the crust of his bread (I wouldn't let him though because I figured they would take it as an invitation to take our food right out of our hands.

We went and saw the 3D Bugs life movie which not only woke Sissy up from her slumber, it terrified Lyon. Poor kid was bawling before the end. :( Phil wouldn't take him out when I told him to because he knew it was almost over, it turned out better that way because Lyon saw the scary guys get taken care of. So he wasn't traumatized, phew.

The best part of the day was going to see the Lion King show. It was fun and interactive, I enjoyed it just as much as the kids. Sissy sat mesmerized by the colors, songs, and dancing.
I wish we had gone to see the Nemo show. And I wish we had gotten Bear and Lyon the Mickey mouse jungle hats that Bear begged for the entire time. (Practical hats and Mickey ears are the only kind of souvenir we plan to buy for them) Fortunately Bear and Lyon were unbelievably well behaved when we told them no to buying everything. They didn't even throw a fit when we ate hotel made PB and honey sandwiches instead of going to one of the parks restaurants.

(Fenix and Me. Look at all those white birds in the trees behind us)
I think today was a success.
Tomorrow will be even better, we just need to decide which park to go to.


Arizona Mamma said...

Love the last photo! I can't believe you had no waiting. What a fun time.

danita said...

animal kingdom is fun! we went in june and it was HOT! my kids loved all the animals and the nemo show was really awesome. i cried.

The Mecham Family said...

You are having so much fun already. Have I told you yet how incredibly jealous I am? yes...I think i have...

blueviolet said...

I never would have known those were birds in the trees behind you if you hadn't said that! I LOVED that Lion King show!

Sarah said...

That looks like so much fun! And great pictures!