Thursday, February 4, 2010

Disney's Epcot Center

(Phil, Rose, Lyon, Bear and Fenix)
It was necessary to get at least one picture in front of the giant "golf ball"
at Disney's Epcot Center.

(Phil, Fenix, Lyon, Bear, and Mickey Mouse)
The boys finally met Mickey Mouse :D
Disney's Epcot Center was definitely the place to do this at. Not only was there a very short line, but it was inside a building and there was a TV playing cartoons to keep the kids preoccupied.

This is Lyon sitting down, in the middle of the line to see Mickey Mouse, so he could watch the cartoons.

They didn't just meet Mickey Mouse, they also met Pluto....

And Minnie...

(look how happy Donald is too be with my boys, and girl)

Donald and,

(Goofy is really, really tall)

(Lyon and Bear inside Bruce the shark's mouth or getting eaten anyway)
I must say I am surprised this didn't totally freak Lyon out.

(Finding Nemo under the Sea with Bear and Lyon, and of course Fenix even though she isn't in this picture, she was asleep okay)
We went to meet Crush the turtle, (why in the world this is located in Disney's Epcot Center I just don't understand) of course Crush noticed my kids first thing and got to talking to Bear. He asked Bear what his name was and was of course interested to hear it. He asked why his name is Bear and Bear said:
"Cause my Mom and Dad named me"
Then crush asked where he lived and Bear said:
"Spanish Fork"
Lol, I am pretty sure Crush wanted to know what state to find out if he was by the ocean or not, but...
Crush also asked Bear where his parents were and at this point I was crouching down low. I didn't want to have the rooms attention on me. But of course it was and I had to talk to Crush on the microphone in front of a room full of people. I really wanted to deny that I was Bear's Mom just to avoid that, but how can I deny being his Mom I mean come on.
So I talked to Crush while Phil held a crying Fenix on his lap behind me. Thankfully he didn't ask me why I named my kids as I did, that would have taken a long time to tell. I can't even remember what he asked me, half of it I couldn't hear because of Fenixs' crying, but to one of his questions I replied:
and Crush claimed that we had had a moment.
It was a really cute show, even better when you are not the one getting talked too.

After seeing Crush we had lunch, peanut butter and honey sandwiches :D
That is Lyon's sandwich on the ground, yes I still let him eat it.

After lunch we headed over to the world showcase at Disney's Epcot Center.
It was really cool, if not for the kids it would have been my favorite place at Disney world. I could have spent day's going through all of the little shops at each "country"

Rose & Crown. Had to get a picture with that ;)

(How pretty is that! Its just outside "England" one of the first country's we went through)
This is where my camera ran out of batteries, too bad, I could have gotten a million more. This was only the beginning of the World showcase. At least I think its called the World showcase, I am not sure, but I am too tired to get out of bed to look at the map and make sure.

We had a great day today and there is more where that came from tomorrow.


Shannon and Doug said...

Wow it looks like you guys are having so much fun! Your stories are delightful and you always make me laugh. I was laughing so hard when you said "yes I let him eat it" about his sandwhich. hahaha that is so something I would do but coming from you I must say is a little suprising! lol Just curious, you really should do a post about your kids adorable names and why you chose them. It sounds like there is a story behind them! :) when I had London I had a nurse say "what if she grows up and asks, why did you name me London?" She thought is was so weird. But I love it so there! haha

Wendy and Michael said...

lol looks fun, you'll have to tell me the story of the kids names some time though!! I only know you just new when Phil suggested Bear instead of Berry but that's it................ :)

Arizona Mamma said...

Love these pictures. Especially the one of them in Bruce's mouth.

Also, I think it's hilarious that you took a picture of the sandwich on the ground and let us know he still ate it ;) God made dirt, right?

The Mecham Family said...

That looks like a fantastic day!!!

Dan/Kealy said...

Fun day!!