Friday, February 5, 2010

Disney's Hollywood Studio's

(This is how I started my day. My nose was so so so congested, my eyes were watery and felt swollen. I thought it was hilarious that I couldn't stop tears from rolling down my cheeks, it was like having runny eyes instead of a runny nose, lol!)

We didn't make it to the park until noon today, it was really cloudy, but not raining.
I brought our poncho's just in case, but decided it probably wouldn't rain so I didn't bring our umbrella. I figured we didn't use it much the last time it rained anyway so....

The first thing we did was get a picture in front of the Fantasia Hat.

(There was a High School Musical 3 concert going on in front of it. You can barely see part of it in the picture. Check out Lyon checking out his map, he and Bear are so funny they ask to have their own at each park we go to. :)

After that we took Bear to go on the Star Tours ride, twice. Once with Phil, once with me. He was really hoping he would be able to go on it 5 times like we did Thunder Mountain, lol :D

After that we went to see the Indiana Jones show, remember when they showed part of that on an episode of Full House, don't deny watching that show. :D

(Bear sat mesmerized)

(Lyon was a little scared)

(Sissy only enjoyed the action parts and fussed for the rest)

Any way it was really cool, funny, and fun. Even though Lyon got a little bit nervous he made it through without having to leave.

Ater that we were going to go to the PlayHouse Disney show, but I wanted to stop and watch the block party parade on the way. Phil didn't think we would have enough time to watch it and make it to the PlayHouse Disney show so he went ahead to that while I tried to watch the parade with Sissy. I really wanted to see it. I ended up leaving before it even started to go past me though because so many people had crowded around Sissy and I that she couldn't see. Plus I don't think she was all that interested :(
I made my way over to Phil at the Playhouse Disney entrance and got there just before they went in to the show.
Like many of the attractions there at Disney World we were not allowed to bring our stroller in to the attraction. So we left both of our strollers outside. The Playhouse Disney show was only about 30 minutes, but in that time it managed to start down pouring rain. Phil had been smart enough to park our double stroller under an overhanging roof of a nearby gift shop. I left Sissy's stroller completely unprotected from the weather with Phil's jacket sitting on top. So when we walked out it was soaked all the way through.

So as the rain poured down we made a quick decision to leave Disney's Hollywood Studio's and head back to the hotel to dry off. There was no way I was going to put Sissy in a soaking wet stroller, fortunately we had brought our baby Bjorn to carry her in. I also put our poncho's on, but we still got soaked as we ran to the bus station.
(Of couse I still took a second to take a photo ;)

It was probably best that things worked out the way they did because we had a lot of laundry we needed to get done and today was really the best day to do it.
That is about the only reason I was more relieved than pissed to have had to leave early today So in short, today we got rained out at Disney's Hollywood Studio's.
Next time I won't leave my stroller parked without cover.

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Mary Ellen said...

Ok, so I must confess that it's been way too long since I visited your blog, and your posts are cracking me up tonight. ;)

I totally watched that episode of Full House. And every other episode. Wasn't Uncle Jesse IN the Indiana Jone's Show?