Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kennedy Space Center

I was tired, I was very hungry, and I had a terrible headache.
We left around noon to go to the Kennedy Space Center. I told Phil I had a hankering for Taco Bell, So he ought to find one for us to go to. He figured that if we just headed in the direction of the Kennedy Space Center we would run into one.
Well, we didn't. As he pulled into the parking lot I was furiously hungry, the boys kept asking when we were going to eat. Ugg! Let me just tell you now, if you plan to go to Kennedy Space Center for the day, eat before you go. The food there is well lets just say you don't remember it for its tastiness, you remember it for its price.
Anyway, Kennedy Space Center was decently cool. It would have been cooler if it had been free admission, but it wasn't and we paid about $30 for each ticket, and we got three!
The 3D movie was alright, but left me feeling disoriented and it hurt my eyes. And believe me when I say that I am not typically sensitive like that.
Most of what they have going on there is information you can easily get
from the internet for free. It seems the only reason to go is so you can say,
"We went to the Kennedy Space Center."
Although we did get some pretty good pictures if you ask me.

I don't really recommend going, especially with little kids, although I should add that Bear thought certain parts were awesome, but for $30 dollars....
It was a bit of a waste of time and money.
Worst part of the trip for sure.
We have yet to see the shuttle launch. I am really hoping that all will go well with that.


Arizona Mamma said...

Those are some great pictures. Isn't it amazing how expensive things are? Especially the food at museums/amusement parks.

Wendy and Michael said...

Looks awesome! Next trip go to DC, the Smithsonian museums are awesome! and they are free, you'd love the air space museum!!