Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So long Florida, Hello Utah

Today's flights home to Utah couldn't have gone any better.
Well I suppose if it were a private jet and all that it could have been better.
The boys were so well behaved, they slept for the first half of the first, longer, flight.
Then they ate snacks and did the activities that I had packed for them and didn't fuss at all.
Fenix fussed a bit, but nothing we couldn't handle.
Anyway I am so glad to be home.
It was starting to get too wet in Florida, all our wet clothes from being in the rain yesterday wouldn't dry. I hung them up and everything.
I have a new appreciation for the dry climate here in Utah.
I noticed that my skin hates humidity, and so does my hair.
I can hardly stand how awful both have got to looking, but it okay,
because we are back in Utah again.
Home sweet Home
Its good to get away once in a while,
But nothing beats coming home.
I won't be wanting to leave for quite some time.
At least not until June
When I go to visit my sister in Indiana
Now that I am home I will get back to my regular posting
deep sigh of relief for those of you that haven't enjoyed the boring travel posts


Richard Graves said...

welcome home

blueviolet said...

I love vacation but there really is no place like home! Welcome home!