Sunday, February 7, 2010

Space Shuttle Launch

Do you ever watch Curious George, like on PBS?

Well you know Dr. Wisemen and the other scientists that are always recruiting the man with the yellow hat to do space missions? You know how a silly problem will arise and Dr. Wisemen will say,
"Looks like we'll have to scrub the mission,"
Welp that is pretty much what has happened this morning.
NASA has scrubbed the mission due to a cloud blanket above the launch site.
Oh well,
We can always try to come tomorrow morning, which is when the launch has been rescheduled for.
Man I feel disappointed, but I can't help but wonder how the astronauts are feeling. I mean they were all strapped into their seats and everything.

(google image)


blueviolet said...

I hope you get to see it!

Arizona Mamma said...


Oh, and my daughter has to watch Curious George every morning.

Wendy and Michael said...

Yikes!! Huston, we have a problem!